Treating Headaches Naturally

Headaches and migraines in particular affect millions of Americans every day.  A headache is defined by a continuous pain in your head and there are a number of causes including tension.  Migraine headaches can last for days and be extremely painful, migraine sufferers are often bothered by light and sound and the pain is accompanied by nausea.  There are dozens of over the counter medications to treat your headache but some people prefer to treat their headaches with a more natural solution.  There are several options for treating headaches naturally, let’s have a look at them.

Magnesium Supplements

Studies have shown the connection between migraine sufferers and low levels of magnesium in the body.  There was a study done in Germany where chronic migraine sufferers were given oral magnesium supplements and they reported fewer headaches of a shorter duration.  Taking magnesium supplements also allowed these patients to reduce the prescription medication needed to control the headaches.

Give up Gluten

Science has looked into the possibility of gluten being a cause of migraine headaches.  Gluten is a protein that you can find in wheat, oats and barley and it is what gives bread dough its texture.  Migraine patients were switched over to a gluten free diet and 9 out of 10 claimed they had fewer headaches.  This led scientists to look at the possibility that gluten could be a trigger for migraines.


Capsaicin can be found in chili peppers and it is what makes them “hot”.  It has also been used in alternative medicine for hundreds of years as a treatment for inflammation and pain.  Scientists have looked into how capsaicin can be used to treat migraines and it was documented in the Clinical Journal of Pain.  Capsaicin was noted to inhibit Substance P, and Substance P is what helps transmit pain signals in your body.  When you apply capsaicin topically to your nasal passage it would help relieve headache pain.  You can buy capsaicin in a number of forms including pills, creams and sprays.

B Vitamin Supplements

Similar to magnesium many headache sufferers don’t get enough B vitamins.  You can try taking a supplement that contains folic acid, B6 and B12 vitamins and it will help with both the severity and number of migraine headaches.

Headaches plague all of us from time to time, but migraines can leave you unable to function.  The medication that is prescribed for migraines comes with side effects that you may not like.  Natural cures like the ones mentioned above can work in conjunction with your medication to help you reduce the number and severity of your migraines.